In space, no one can hear your sparkle

Star Trek and sexuality – disappointingly having not gone where no show has gone before. Here, I offer up a brief snapshot of queer characters and rainbow relationships in the media alongside the contemporary context of the “bury your gays” trope and in light of the newest high-profile sci fi offering, Star Trek: Discovery and its promises to finally include representative LGBT characters into the franchise.

Kiwi Christmas Special

There’s Christmas, there’s the kiwi Christmas, and then there’s my kiwi Christmas. Seems everyone’s version is wonderfully different. Forced awake early on Christmas morning, I get to thinking what makes my Christmas day a little different than others, what are the important parts of the season, and what little scientific and cultural asides I can squeeze in. Merry Christmas.

Gastly Halloween Chemistry

Halloween has just passed us by again and I bet you’re still tortured by the same gruelling question from last spooky season: What are ghost Pokémon made of and how might we discover their shadowy secrets? So come down to the lab, and see what’s on the slab - it’s fantasy science to the rescue once again in this special holiday blog post.

Biology Basics – What do you think you are?

Enzymes, proteins, carbs, fats? What are all these things and why am I supposed to be eating them and also made up of them? Thrown into news articles and health blogs to make them sound all sciencey, these terms aren’t often explained or put in a wider context. Here we’ll put these terms together to see how your basic bio bits makes up a happy human.

Himalayan Sea Salt: Salt and Sensibility

The colourful, fun, replacement to your trusted table salt, Himalayan sea salts have been talked up as having a number of health benefits over their bland counterpart. But, much like a sea salt candle in humid weather, will these claims hold water or should we take them with a large grain of salt themselves?


The tangy, fizzy, slightly alcoholic fermented tea; Kombucha is one of the latest ‘new in the west’ ancient superfood cure-alls drink. Here I summarise my culinary impression, the large number of health claims, the evidence to support them, and the science of the fermentation process.

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