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This is an exploration of contemporary health trends, superfoods, traditional medicines, and the science behind them. What are the claims, what do they taste like, and what does the research say? Aimed at everyone to discuss the efficacy and evidence out there and give you the tools to pick apart your future reads.

The chemistry of the natural world has been an enormous inspiration for modern medicines and our understanding of the fundamentals of biology has allowed us to feed ourselves more efficiently than at any other point in history. But does all ancient wisdom and do newly found superfoods live up to the hype? How can we tell if it’s doing us good or if are we just being taken for a ride – that’s what we’re going to look at here.

This, interspersed with the occasional perspective on philosophical and cultural issues through my own personal experiences, I’d hope to bring together a novel fusion of ideas. It should be a fun ride.

The AuthorĀ 

While this might be my first adventure into science communication, I’ve always had a love of everything science. Starting with my fascination with dinosaurs as a young lad here in New Zealand (yes, we do exist, despite being left off a lot of maps), I’ve since developed a keen interest in chemistry, biology, and physics, and everything else that explains how the universe works.

I completed my PhD in organic chemistry in 2015 focusing on the synthesis of large organic molecules found in plants used in traditional Chinese medicines. The aim of which was to provide a blueprint for the synthesis of these molecules and provide sufficient amounts of potentially biologically active molecules that could be used to develop new medicines.

PhD research was great fun, but ones scientific education never ends and we make use of our scientific knowledge in small ways every day. We make decisions about what we eat (or should be eating as it were), what our best choices are to fix our health, and what we should do when we get out to vote. Writing this is blog is one way I’m gonna keep exercising my mind. If only that had a similar effect to exercise in general at the same time; Oh well.

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